Travel agency management system - how to manage effectively

What you need to know about the CRM system to achieve results
At first glance, managing a travel agency may seem simple, but it's not. The tourism business is very dynamic, many things need to be remembered, many moments need to be tracked, many issues need to be addressed.
You can't keep everything in mind, so you need a travel agency management system. It will help keep your hand on the pulse and not miss anything important.
CRM MoiTuristy has gathered all the necessary functionality for quality management of a travel agency. Working in CRM is useful for both managers and managers. The manager always has information at hand customers and orders, there is no need to mention everyone if you leave comments - after reading them the manager will remember his client, and colleagues will have no difficulty in restoring the history of the relationship with a particular tourist. The director can see the effectiveness of managers for their evaluation and management decisions.
Working in CRM MoiTuristy makes managing a travel agency comfortable. The user-friendly interface allows you to learn quickly system. Customer information and orders are always at hand. At the operational disposal of the director fast statistics, which shows orders, contracts, income and expenses for yesterday and today. For details, there is a section with reporting.
Customer base management is an important attribute of travel agency management. Existing customers can and should be reminded about themselves with the help of e-mail and SMS mailings integrated into the system. Quality mailing always gives results - someone will definitely apply for the selection of the tour.
Connect IP-telephony and get even more individualized approach to the tourist - you will always know which of the existing customers is calling, and be sure to save the new one and find out the next time you call. Customers love it when they don't have to introduce themselves.
Rest assured that you will enjoy managing a tour company using CRM MoiTuristy. All processes will be maximally automated and concentrated in a single system. The work will be efficient and comfortable. There will be more time to plan activities, develop and implement strategies to attract new ones customers. Thanks to effective management, you can earn more by using resources as efficiently as possible.
Manage your travel agency with CRM MoiTuristy and be one step ahead.
What gives CRM
—  each employee works according to common standards, not as he sees fit
—  The leader is always aware of what is happening in the team, and can control the degree interaction of managers
—  the director of the firm promptly receives all statistics and analyzes the situation based on specific data
—  workers acquire useful technical tools to communicate with each other and discussion of projects
—  There is a reminder option to increase their productivity and save time solving current problems
—  in case of force majeure (dismissal or long-term illness of an employee) the database is not is lost and colleagues will continue negotiations without any problems