Privacy Guarantees

«To be afraid of wolves— do not go into the forest says the proverb. You could continue to use a notepad and calculator, but for some reason switched to using a computer, despite viruses and crashes. You can also continue to record tourists in Excel, then your competitors will show you the benefits of using "cloudy" systems.

In the end, you have no doubt entrusted your personal and work correspondence to the service or even your local ISP, your — Google.Docs system, your privacy — site Facebook. It's time to take advantage of not only email and social networks, but also desktop automation process in your company.

The MoiTuristy service was developed taking into account modern safety requirements, and even surpasses them in some respects. We apply all necessary organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of data during their processing and storage. Access to servers with information is strictly limited, registration and accounting is carried out each fact of access and all actions performed with the data. We perform daily data integrity checks and backup. Media and technical means of their processing are reserved. We use certified anti-virus protection. For data transmission uses only secure communication channels.

But the main factor is our reputation and experience.

Security Technologies
—  SSL connection — you are working in the browser under the "lock". Your internet connection to the site is encrypted with the same technology used for online banking.
—  A virus that has gained access to your computer's files will not be able to access your clients in MoiTuristy.
—  Passwords are encrypted — the use of one-way encryption when storing the password ensures that that it cannot be known even by accessing the database.
—  MoiTuristy Server located in Germany — it cannot be confiscated, or steal.
—  Your managers do not have access to the full database, only director.
The problem is exaggerated
Imagine that you have a client base of another agency in your hands. How many of them can you poach? These people do not know you and are not loyal to you, so e-mail, and even more so SMS-mailings will not efficient. Perhaps those who are dissatisfied with the old agency and who were not going to apply there will come to you. That is, the problem of database theft is greatly exaggerated.