Travel agency accounting

Why CRM-system is important in the tourism sector
As in any other industry, accounting in tourism has its own specifics. Tourist activity implies a large number of settlements and mutual settlements - it's not easy to follow.
The travel agency has both management and accounting. Proper accounting of tourists helps to make the necessary and timely management decisions. Who, where and how often travels is fixed in CRM MoiTuristy. No need to keep notes in notebooks or individual files.
Very often the accounting in the travel agency is kept by the owner, who is also the director. Legislation on taxation changes quite often and it is important to keep an eye on the pulse. It is useful to keep track of information on online resources that promptly report innovations legislation in the field of tourism, to react to them quickly and not to miss anything. Usually there is an announcement of innovations, and after them legislative consolidation - detailed information on how to properly interpret and apply them in their activities.
The director, at his discretion, keeps records of tourism activities, but an indispensable assistant and source data for him will be CRM MoiTuristy. There is a section Statistics in which you can generate various reports, the data from which will be used for travel agency accounting. It is important to enter and record all the information in the system and then accounting will be much easier and more enjoyable.
As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are many cash flows in tourism. Therefore, accounting for finances in tourism is of particular importance. The director or accountant needs to be constantly monitored cash flows do not get confused in them, monitor the timeliness of payments. In CRM MoiTuristy the accounting of payments is organized on high level - there is a choice of type of payment, binding of payment to the dollar or euro exchange rate, the ability to accept online payments on their own details section Payments with consolidated income and expenditure information. Everything you need for quality accounting.
Of course, the system has a record of tourist vouchers. You can get information about at any time quantity sold travel packages for the right period or for the right employee. Order a tourist voucher has several logical steps - from the moment of the client's application until his return from the trip.
Keep track of the travel agency in CRM MoiTuristy - it's convenient and enjoyable.
What CRM does
—  gives the chance to work with various data and to register all stages of negotiations - from applications to the result
—  gathers the statistical base necessary for doing business
—  offers ready-made technical tools that can be relied on in the process of work, as well also the optimal steps to achieve the goal
—  groups interaction channels: calls, text messages, emails, business meetings, newsletters, social networks
—  systematizes corporate accounting: each employee records data according to one scheme
—  allows you to easily check the current state of affairs, including outside the office - from a laptop or tablet
—  helps to form part of the documents directly on the site, which saves a lot of time and tourists, and managers