5 Myths About Travel CRM

We often encounter misconceptions that we hear from potential clients. There are enough such myths a lot of, but some of them are repeated more often than others.
The five most common are:


1 myth: automation travel agencies using this system will take a long time.
In fact, the whole procedure takes no more hours. Of course, after this, some discipline will be required for MoiTuristy CRM to become a source of reliable data. for decision making. Moreover, you do not need an IT specialist in the state at all.
—  Myth 2: CRM will be difficult for staff to master.
This is not true, because. to work with "MoiTuristy" it is enough to have a basic knowledge of a computer and 20-30 minutes time to master the system. In addition, transparent statistics are kept for each employee, which means that the staff will have a good incentive get the job done and increase sales.
—  3 myth: CRM providers for a travel agency are unreliable.
In fact, we monitor not only reliability server work, but also for their reputation. For 4 years of work, we have not had a single case of loss or leakage of information.
—  4 myth: storing data in the cloud is not secure.
Such thoughts are wrong, because. information is protected from hacking is safer than your own computer. The backup system guarantees the safety of data even in cases serious failures. Have you ever had a hard drive crash on your computer? - In the case of using the cloud, you are protected from this. You always remain the sole owner of your data.
—  5 myth: implementation of CRM is beyond the means of small agencies.
In reality, thanks to economies of scale, the cost of using CRM is ridiculously low. And it is much lower than the fee for creating a special software. For example, at the moment, renting CRM MoiTuristy for a month is approximately equal to the cost of 30 minutes of work of an average programmer.
As you can see, none of these myths is true. That is why CRM MoiTuristy continues to be a reliable assistant in building a successful tourism business.