When should you consider implementing CRM?

If your travel agency has more than 3-4 managers, or more than one office, then you probably already thought about topics to use some kind of tracker and sales. In this case, MoiTuristy will become a real salvation, tk. your business processes are already quite complex, the volume of data requires really a lot of processing time, and you have already noticed that there is no complete control over the business.
CRM should be considered
But CRM will be useful for smaller companies as well. You should consider switching to CRM if you have you:


there is an accumulated client base, but its accounting is carried out using a table in Excel, or a notepad with pencil;
—  you don't understand the cost of acquiring one client, or you can't calculate the return on a separate source of advertising;
—  you know what a conversion is, but in practice you can't calculate it;
—  you already understood that in order to retain a client, you need to keep in touch with him much more often than he travels rest;
—  you would like to understand the clear reasons for losing customers;
—  you're not in the office full time and don't feel like you're in control of the office when you're away;
—  Are you tired of spending several hours every month on income calculation.