Dynamic travel agency website
based on modules

Tour search module

  • 1. Current prices of 34 operators in the search
  • 2. Filters by beach line, Wi-Fi, water park and others
  • 3. Hotels descriptions and photos in high quality
  • 4. Reviews and ratings of tourists, hotel maps
  • 5. Customize the appearance
  • 6. One-line search form
  • 7. Online payment for tours*
  • 8. Integration with CRM system
  • 9. Mobile version
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Hot tours module

  • 1. From 3 to 12 tours in a module
  • 2. Separate configuration of each tour in the module
  • 3. The lowest prices for tours are always up to date
  • 4. Switch to detailed information about the tour
  • 5. Three designs to choose from, plus flexible CSS customization
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Popular destinations module

  • 1. From 2 to 20 top countries in the module
  • 2. Countries change automatically according to the season
  • 3. Two designs to choose from, plus customization with CSS
  • 4. Mobile version for phones
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All at once

Modern website with tour search, modules, hosting and support. In 3 days

Advantages of our modules

Orders from the website
go directly to the CRM
Smooth integration
into almost any CMS
Modules and website are
available in 7 languages
Online payment for tours (requires CRM and payment gateway)
Improve sales and
communication with tourists
Mobile version of all
modules and website
Modules packages
1 month
3 months
12 months
3 modules package
+ Tour search module
+ Hot tours module
+ Module "Popular countries"
€ 50
€ 125
€ 20 save
€ 400
€ 160 save
Website package
+ Website on the Unisite platform
(setup and hosting included)
+ Tour search module
+ 2 × Hot tours modules
+ Module "Popular countries"
€ 480
€ 200 save
Online travel
agency package
+ Website + Widgets package
+ Tourscanner
+ CRM MoiTuristy
+ Receive online payments
€ 640
€ 300 save
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Separate modules and add-ons
3 months
12 months
Search module
€ 75
€ 240
€ 60 save
Search module for Facebook
€ 30
€ 96
€ 24 save
Last minute tours
€ 20
€ 64
€ 16 save
Popular destinations
€ 12
€ 40
€ 8 save
Catalog of 30,000+ hotels for your website     View an example
€ 25
€ 80
€ 20 save
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Frequently asked questions
Can I install the module myself?
Copy the module code in your account and paste it into your website in the right place in "HTML mode". The modules will work immediately in the default design. But to change the appearance, you will need to know CSS. If you can't do it, order the installation to our specialists, it costs €50.
How many hot modules can I install?
One hot module can be installed on many pages. But if you want different tours on different pages, you need to create several hot modules with different settings. An analog of the hot module is the "showcases of tours" module, the tours are already set in them and we monitor their relevance.
Do you have a module for Facebook and other social networks?
«Search for Facebook» is installed as a tab on your page on this social network. You don't need a website, just a Facebook page, and you don't need an IT specialist to install it. From the Facebook app for mobile devices, the search opens in the browser, not in a tab. Tour bookings from the module come directly to your email or CRM.
How do I change the module design?
Modules should look like a part of your website, not a foreign widget. Therefore, the design of all modules is flexibly customizable using CSS styles. You can change colors, fonts, borders, and backgrounds. You can request basic customization from us when purchasing or renewing modules. Detailed CSS customization according to your layouts can be ordered from us as a separate service.
How to combine the search module with Google Analytics?
The search module is configured to send event data to Google Analytics. You can track how your visitors use the module, and which traffic sources bring customers. The search module sends data on such events:
— Sending a search form (the event is called «Search button clicked»)
— Opening a tour page
— Opening an order form
— Sending an order form
Event tracking is enabled by default in all search modules. Events contain some additional information about the user's action, such as the search country or the price of the ordered tour.
I want to remove the Otpusk logo from hotel photos
You can't remove the logos completely, as photos are valuable original content, that can be stolen in a flash. But you can replace the logos with your own. This service costs €96 a year or €30 for 3 months.
Is there an online tour booking in the module?
Yes, a tourist can pay for a tour in the module with a card. This is a free feature of the modules implemented using CRM MoiTuristy (account required).
Do you need a Tour Search for travel agencies?
The module Otpusk.OnSite is designed for tourists. It has no unnecessary fields and a nice interface. The free module for travel websites is limited in functionality compared to the paid one. If you are looking for a tour selection for travel managers, pay attention to the CRM MoiTuristy. It has a built-in Tourscanner, a professional tour search engine.
Why do travel agencies choose the Otpusk modules?
— Even in the free version, modules show the current prices of all tour operators.
— All modules are adapted for mobile devices.
— The modules have a pleasant appearance, which, if necessary, can be adjusted to your website.
— The modules can be installed on websites with any CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Bitrix, Drupal, MODx etc.
— Low price.